About Valuation Management Service (VMS):

VMS operates as a hub between lenders and valuation providers, allowing the lending community to order and efficiently manage the fulfilment of valuation requests electronically.

It caters for all industry standard valuation types including Full, Restricted Access, Progress Inspection, Modelled Estimate and "Desktop" Valuation requests.

VMS is an easy to use, seamless business to business service using leading edge business rules, smart workflows and internet based technologies to manage all aspects of the Valuation ordering and fulfilment process for the Lender. The Browser based UI access option means that start up costs are negligible and time to implement is within days.

Main Features

The VMS offers a wide range of features including:

  • Lenders can easily maintain a pool of valuers across the country with individualised pricing and service arrangements
  • Over 200 valuation firms nationwide using the system daily
  • Valuations are ordered and fulfilled on-line with full transparency of the valuation request lifecycle
  • Interfaces to modelled estimate providers